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Featured in Alltop

Sunday, 3 August 2014

"Mighty Dwarf" just arrived!

I've just taken delivery of one of these:

"It's very nice! What is it?" I hear you say.

Well it's a Kraftzwerg Mk II. The name means Mighty Dwarf and it's come from German 'boutique' manufacturer MFB. It's smaller than you might think from the photo, and some of the annotations on the controls are pretty hard to read for someone of my advanced years.

It's a "semi-modular"synth, i.e. it has a lot of jack sockets you can use to reroute the audio and control signals however you desire, and integrate it with other machines that work in a similar way, if you happen to have any, which I don't. Yet! The flexibility that comes from this is huge, hence the 'Mighty' bit in the name.

It takes some getting used to. I'm new to this open-ended form of synthesis, and so far I've worked out what some of the sockets are for, but by no means all. It'll find its way onto recordings and live loops before long I don't doubt.